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Brink’s Money Paycard.

Cut fewer checks and streamline your payroll process. With Brink’s Money Prepaid Mastercard®¹, you can have better control.

The Brink's Money Difference

Paperless payroll. A flexible solution to distribute funds to your employees.

Lost, stolen, misrouted, and uncashed paper checks can take their toll on the bottom line of your business.

Move away from paper and pay your employees without breaking the bank. With direct deposit your employees have convenient access to wages.

Card use and all features subject to activation and ID verification.¹

Why Brink's Money?

  • Make payroll cost-efficient.

    No need to pay extra costs to print, process, and distribute paper checks when you can rely on an established payroll card provider.

  • Pay employees on time.

    Help avoid the risks associated with funds getting lost, stolen, or delayed in transit by making electronic payments.

  • Reduce paper.

    Because you are using less paper, the payroll process gets more environmentally friendly.

  • Stand out as an employer.

    Offer a payroll card with benefits to help retain your best employees.

  • Provide a tangible benefit.

    Give employees without access to traditional banking a way to receive direct deposit and help them become part of the digital economy.

Benefits for Program Managers

With the Brink's Money Paycard, paperless payroll is made convenient.

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Ready to ditch paper checks?

Our paperless solution gives you and your employees the convenience and cost savings of direct deposit, without the hassle.

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