Tip Network


Tip Network ™

An efficient and convenient way to pay tips electronically, reducing errors and discrepancies.


Streamline the tip-out process and reduce cash payouts.

Provide same day access to tips. Employees won’t leave work with large sums of cash, no more waiting after-hours or taking extra trips to the bank.

¹ Card use and all features subject to activation and ID verification.

How It Works

  • Improve Cash Management

    Reduce cash in-store and manage tips, service charges and reimbursements using one simple tool.

  • Simplify Payouts

    Pay employees at the end of shift directly to a Brink’s Money Prepaid Mastercard® the same day or through regular payroll. ¹

  • Gain More Control

    Manage cards, notifications and distributions through our Web Portal and centralize reporting


All your program management needs in one single tool.

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