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How to Make Money While Traveling the World

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18 Nov 2021

It is reasonable to say that your employer and the type of work you do determines where you are located. While some find comfort in a routine and staying in one place, others may seek flexibility and adventure and decide to pack their things and travel. If this is the case for you, then you might be wondering how you can make money while abroad if you haven’t saved up. If you don’t have it all planned out, don’t worry, you just have to get a bit creative. Here are a few possibilities to earn money on the go:

Teach a Language

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money out of the country is by teaching English as a native speaker or teaching your own language. Teaching jobs are rather easy to find around the world especially in regions such as Southeast Asia. Teaching abroad usually pays well and some schools may even offer additional perks like bonuses, housing stipends and paying for your airfare. Research teaching programs to learn about credential requirements, but you will most likely need a TEFL certificate.

Start a Travel Blog

If you have a background in writing or have a passion for it, then you might consider starting your own travel blog. This is a great opportunity to make some extra cash while sharing with others all the great moments, scenery, and food you are experiencing. The direction you choose to take with your blog is entirely up to you whether you want to make it about the best meals you’ve had or the hidden spots you’ve discovered in the region you’re exploring.

Sell Things Online

A different approach to making money while traveling is to start a new small business. What you choose to make can rely on your craft ability, where you are, and how much you hope to make. There are endless ways to become an entrepreneur. Some examples of what people have made in the past are candles and jewelry. When you give some thought to what you might want to sell, remember to make it small and easy to transport so it won’t be a hassle when you are moving from one place to another.

Sell Your Photos

Becoming a travel photographer or selling your photos for profit is not necessarily the easiest job to pick in comparison to teaching a language, but people have found success doing it. To start selling your pictures, it’s a good rule of thumb to get started on a decent camera and learn the basics which can be pretty easy to pick up. The trick behind making money off your photos is not that you are the best photographer but rather how good at marketing yourself you are.

Get Seasonal Work

You might not be certain about how much time you’ll spend abroad but if you’re going to be there for more than a month, then you might consider finding seasonal work. Depending on where you are and when, you could work at the local beach or become an instructor at a ski resort. Look into your host country’s work visa policy for international travelers. Some countries are easier to gain employment in than others!

Do Freelance Work

If you want to be your own boss and create a schedule for yourself, then completing freelance work might be one of your best options. Freelancing is a great gig if you have a background or expertise in writing, designing, or anything tech related. With doing freelance work, a good rule of thumb is to create a portfolio as you gain more customers. This type of work is great if you’re looking for something a bit less formal and with part-time hours.

Get a Working Holiday Visa

In the case that you want to spend some time abroad and hope to find a job that isn’t teaching a language, a viable option is applying for a working holiday visa. With a working holiday visa you’ll be able to live in a foreign country and work a nonprofessional job. Normally, a travel visa is valid for a few months, but an added benefit of the working holiday program is that it allows you to stay anywhere from six to 24 months.

Rent Your Home

When traveling the world, you might find yourself wanting to focus solely on your travels and not so much working. If that’s your situation, renting your home could be an easy way to make some money. Nowadays, there are numerous sites to help you with the process of renting out your home with Airbnb being one of the most well-known. After you’ve jetted away, you would just need to find a friend or family member to hand the keys to your guests.



As much fun as it is to travel the world, it takes a great deal of preparation and money to get you on your way. If you’re hoping to travel for an extended time and haven’t set money aside, don’t sweat just yet because making money while you’re abroad is also a feasible path to take. There are multiple ways to earn a passive income that will help you cover travel expenses.

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