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How to Build and Improve Your Company Culture

Brink's Money

02 Jun 2022

Company culture is at the core of employee morale and guides how they go about interacting with not only others in the workplace but also with the work itself. When company culture is at its best, business can experience great success but when it’s low, the company can feel its detrimental effects. You might think that your workplace is doing just fine but in reality there is always room for improvement. How can you go about improving your company culture? Here are a few tips to help you out:

Focus on Employee Wellness

What is improving company culture without the employees? If your employees are not being taken care of then a solid business structure can’t happen. Your employees should feel as though their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is attended to. If you are in a management role, it’s important to make use of the resources you have available to focus on employee wellness. In the office, it’s beneficial to do your best to reduce stress factors and any negativity that might damper the work environment.

Reinforce Core Values

Every company has a set of values that are at the center of everyday operations. These values ultimately shape how people interact with others both within and outside the organization. There are cases in which company values are only addressed during onboarding and orientation but this does very little to help employees understand what they really mean and how important they are to the business. Instead, it’s recommended that team leaders not only communicate these ideas regularly but they also practice behaviors and attitudes associated with these values to better fulfill them in their everyday work.

Open Up Communication

In a business setting where open communication is not welcome, employees might feel reluctant to bring up problems or concerns. A tense environment where no one feels comfortable speaking their mind is the last thing any business wants. Lack of communication can make for a disengaged and hostile team. A few ways to help foster open communication are:


  • Making yourself available to coworkers and employees

  • Encouraging collaboration across departments

  • Scheduling regular one-on-ones with your employees

  • Taking in and reviewing feedback

Schedule Team Bonding

Like most things, there are different types of team cultures you can strive to build. As a result, depending on the culture you desire, team building can be an effective course of action to take. Through team building activities, you can foster communication outside of the office and encourage your employees to get to know each other on a more personal level. Team building can help give your employees a break from work all while investing in each other and bonding. Ultimately, getting along outside of the business can also help more effective collaboration at work.

Embrace Transparency

Along with open communication, there are several factors that influence employee satisfaction. One of the most important factors is the ability to trust management. Having trust in your supervisors is something that doesn’t always come so easy. If you’re looking to fix some of those trust issues on your team, have you thought about the importance of embracing transparency? Being transparent about your personal matters is completely up to you, but in this case it means making it a point to have top-down communication and making your employees aware of company updates. This type of transparency can be accomplished through company-wide emails and town hall meetings to get everyone together.

Encourage Employee Recognition

According to a few experts, one of the biggest factors driving employee engagement and satisfaction is recognition. Who can say that being recognized for your hard work doesn’t feel good? Recognition doesn’t always have to be monetary, although a little bonus wouldn’t hurt anybody, but it can also be as simple as giving your employees a shoutout on social media. Whether you are recognizing them for their exceptional work or a birthday, a simple shoutout can go a long way in making people feel valued.




An exemplary company culture is hard to come across and it will always be in a work in progress. When working towards improving yours, it’s important to remember that there is no right way to go about correcting it. Every company is made up of different people, values, and methods of operation so finding what works best for you will require some time and effort. Gathering feedback from your employees is a great way to start.


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