Taking responsibilities off your plate

Efficient cash management and an engaged workforce make up the perfect recipe for success.


From fast food to high-end fine dining, find a tailored solution just for you.

Money management can be tricky when you have so many demands to keep your restaurant up and running. At Brink’s we give you back your time, so you can focus on becoming more profitable.

Customized solutions for your business

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Brink's Money Paycard

We work with you to ensure everyone, from front to back of house, is paid for a job well done.With Direct Deposit, paying your employees is fast and easy.

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Earned Wage Access

Make service a priority and keep the best servers and cooks on staff. With on-demand access to wages, you can win the battle against high turnovers.

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Tip Network

Brink’s offer an easy and secure way to manage same-day electronic tips to servers, service charges, and reimbursements. All by using one simple tool.

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How the best become even better.

Let Brink's uncover new, custom strategies to help optimize your supply chain while strengthening security.