International Payments


International Payments

Global Payments is an innovative group within Brink’s Inc. with ambitious plans for global expansion, we deliver convenience, value, and attentive service to customers all throughout the Americas.

International Payment Center

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Combining transactional switching technology with the quality and security of the Brink’s brand, ePago allows retailers, phone companies and utility providers to collect payment for a multitude of bills at a single location, optimizing customer service payment centers and increasing foot traffic into retail stores. For the consumer, the service offers convenience and simplicity.


Dr. Andrade 60A
Av. Angélica, 2491 – 19 andar
São Paulo - SP, Brazil
Phone: +55 3737-7800
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100 Street
No 19-61, 8th Floor
Bogotá, Colombia, Colombia
Phone: +571 743-8500 Ext. 2129
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Dr. Andrade 60A
Col. Doctores
México D.F. 06270, México
Phone: +52 55 5627-3545
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Jacinto Palacios Cobos St., No 225, 2nd Floor
Ciudad del Saber, Clayton
Panama City, Panama
Phone: +507 317-1239
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