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Card Uses

Explore the different ways to use your card

Ways to use Brink's Business Expense.

We know every team has a different set of spending needs. Our goal is to make paying at work easy for everyone: One card program, multiple possibilities.

Top employee card uses by departmental need:


Finance & Operations

Make secure payments to vendors without disclosing sensitive banking information.



Control digital marketing spending across  ppc ad networks, CRMs, and any other online tool you use.


Talent Acquisition

Cover all recruiting expenses from job advertising  to travel and relocation costs.


Office Supplies

Replace petty cash for expenditure on small day-to-day items necessary to run your business.


Travel & Dining

Manage employee per diems for transportation, meals, and lodging while on the road.


Other ways to use your cards:



Group cards by department and designate a lead to help with management.



Create non-personalized cards that can be used by anyone in your team.



Get an extra layer of security to make online payments.


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