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  • 10 Simple Ways to Cut Business Costs

    09/21/2020 | Brink's Money

    In an uncertain world when every penny counts, the smallest increase in revenue or reduction in expenses can have an impact on your company’s profitability. The good news is a large-scale company overhaul usually isn't necessary to achieve these results. More often than not, there are simple, common sense steps that will improve your bottom line.

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  • How To Make Paying Your Employees a Breeze

    09/15/2020 | Brink's Money

    Managing payroll is a critical function of any business. Learn all of the pieces and decisions that go into this established process, from deciding the format of pay for employers to staying on top of payroll tax compliance laws and the task of managing expenses.

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  • 7 Questions to Ask When Checking on the Financial Health of Your Business

    09/11/2020 | Brink's Money

    Fully understanding your business’ finances is a sure way to remain successful and profitable through rounds of funding, growth, and even potential hardships. Before you can put together a holistic picture of your financial health, use these seven questions to help understand your opportunities for additional financial security and health for your business.

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  • Knowing the Difference Between Payment Methods

    09/09/2020 | Brink's Money

    It can be easy to get lost in the weeds of financial terminology, and we understand how that can make it difficult to select the best product to suit your everyday needs. To better understand the different payment options out there, we’ve created an easy guide for you.

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  • Payroll Tips for Small Businesses

    09/04/2020 | Brink's Money

    For many small business owners, navigating the ins and outs of payroll can be one of the most confusing and time consuming tasks, but do not worry! Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start to get your business up and running.

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  • Early Access To Wages: A Prized Benefit That Costs Employers Little Or Nothing

    09/02/2020 | Brink's Money

    Whether you are a small business owner, or in charge of larger operations, there are a few reasons to consider offering your employees the ability to have early access to wages. Learn everything you need about on-demand payments.

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  • Dealing with Economic Emergencies

    08/20/2020 | Brink's Money

    Unexpected financial emergencies are unpleasant to say the least. They can easily leave you feeling completely blindsided and powerless. These emergencies can range from a job loss, to medical expenses, to even an emergency home repair. Here's what to do when faced with these situations.

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  • Staying Out of Financial Trouble

    08/11/2020 | Brink's Money

    Money habits along with your spending patterns develop and are learned over time. If you find yourself falling behind on payments, failing to stick to a budget, or you like to spend more than you save, then it is time to alter the way you handle your expenses and cultivate new habits that will help you achieve financial security.

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  • Mapping Your Future

    08/07/2020 | Brink's Money

    Having a financial plan can help alleviate financial stress and better prepare you and your family for a bright financial future. Learn how to get started with these useful tips.

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  • Playing Detective With Your Expenses

    07/20/2020 | Brink's Money

    Staying up to date with your expenses is an important task when it comes to sticking to a budget or even in terms of maintaining your financial health. This process shouldn’t be intimidating and with the help of Brink’s Money you’ll be a tracking pro. 

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  • Mastering the Science of Budgeting

    07/07/2020 | Brink's Money

    A well detailed budget can be a very important tool to ensure a healthy financial future. Whether you are looking to save for a home or finally getting your dream car, creating a budget plan can help you in reaching those goals. Learn how to get started with Brink's Money

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  • Considering Earned Wage Access? Here's What You Need to Know

    06/25/2020 | Brink's Money

    Offering earned wage access programs to employees leads to improved retention rates in the company, increased productivity for teams, and overall financial wellness and stability for your employees. Let's dive into each of these benefits and learn why earned wage access may be the right next step for your company.

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  • What To Do If You Were Recently Laid Off Because of COVID-19

    05/18/2020 | Brink's Money

    If you recently had to file for unemployment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, know that you are not alone. At Brink's Money, we encourage you to take advantage of government benefits and using digital banking tools to stay on top of your expenses during these times of need.

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  • Workers Compensation and Emergency Payroll

    05/04/2020 | Brink's Money

    Employees are counting on their paychecks for their everyday needs, regardless of the circumstances. In case of a disaster, it’s highly important to think ahead and be prepared for the unexpected. We have a few ideas that might help ensure there are no disruptions in payroll.

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  • The Top 5 Features Your Transportation Business Expense Program Should Have

    04/27/2020 | Brink's Money

    With networks larger than ever and with mini-computers in everyone's pockets, there are new and improved opportunities to streamline the accounting and expense processes for your transportation business. When evaluating your options, consider these top five features that every transportation business expense program should include.

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  • COVID-19: Resources Available to Individuals

    03/30/2020 | Brink's Money

    As the outbreak continues to impact your day-to-day lives, we know many of you may be asking yourselves important questions about your finances and future. Here's a list of resources to help you navigate through these difficult times.

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  • Petty Cash is Old-School - Here's a Modern Solution

    03/11/2020 | Brink's Money

    A lot of times keeping track of petty cash turns into a wild goose hunt, looking for the last couple of dollars and cents that haven’t been reported or claimed. Take advantage of expense management technology to end the goose hunt, once and for all.

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  • How to Encourage Participation in Paycard Programs

    02/27/2020 | Brink's Money

    It’s hard to understand sometimes why employees may not take advantage of a program that you believe can positively impact their financial worlds. If you are stuck scratching your head about how best to encourage employees to consider a payroll card program, read on for a few talking points to share with them.

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  • 3 Things to Consider About Pay Card Programs

    02/17/2020 | Brink's Money

    Paycard programs are constantly evolving, creating a need for payroll professionals to re-evaluate the solutions already implemented within their organizations. Let’s look at a few key things to consider when you are choosing your pay card program.

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  • 3 Foundational Needs to Building a Successful Construction Project

    02/06/2020 | Brink's Money

    Follow the following tips to align your team of contractors, sub-contractors, and architects, and ensure on-time delivery of your next construction project.

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