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  • Making New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

    12/30/2019 | Brink's Money

    If you find yourself with a case of the New Year Scaries, don’t fret. Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve compiled to help ease you & your company into 2020 with smart business resolutions.

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  • Paying Unbanked Employees: Weighing Your Options

    12/23/2019 | Brink's Money

    Paying your unbanked employees doesn't have to be challenging. For unbanked workers, a payroll card may be a much better payment option than cash or checks. In this article we'll explain why.

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  • How To Evaluate Your Company's Pay Card Program

    11/21/2019 | Brink's Money

    As payroll cards rise in popularity as pay option, these are some of the questions businesses should ask themselves when evaluating various paycard programs and providers.

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  • What Are Virtual Cards?

    11/19/2019 | Brink's Money

    Online purchases have revolutionized how businesses get what they need to keep everything operating smoothly. Office supplies, travel accommodations, and even training programs are all just a click away if you have a virtual expense card to pay for them.

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  • State Regulations for Employee Paycards

    11/18/2019 | Brink's Money

    The federal government has rules in place to govern how paycard programs are rolled out and managed, and many states have specific regulations that apply to pay cards. If you have employees across different states in the U.S., be sure to know these rules before you set up a program.

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  • Why Paycards Are Great For Employees

    11/15/2019 | Brink's Money

    Payroll cards are rising in popularity because of its benefits to both companies and employees. Learn here why they are a great alternative to receiving your pay stub in a paper check.

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  • How to Spot and Prevent Embezzlement in Your Organization

    11/05/2019 | Brink's Money

    Learn some of the most common embezzlement schemes, how to spot the red flags in employees, and ways to prevent fraud from harming your organization.

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  • Creating a Company Travel and Expense Policy

    11/01/2019 | Brink's Money

    Learn how to create and roll out a corporate travel and expense policy that paves the way for lower costs, better compliance, and more empowered employees.

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  • How Can I Use a Prepaid Debit Card?

    10/30/2019 | Brink's Money

    You'd like to pay without cash or paper checks, but don’t know the differences between all types of cards available? Here's a quick and easy way to tell the difference. There’s a prepaid debit card for the needs of all consumers and businesses.

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  • How Payroll Cards Can Improve Financial Wellness

    10/23/2019 | Brink's Money

    Companies who help their teams improve their financial health, typically see positive returns in terms of employee satisfaction. Learn why you can offer payroll cards can be a great addition to your financial wellness program.

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  • 3 Ways Technology Can Power Your Ministry’s Finance

    10/16/2019 | Brink's Money

    To maximize the impact of every dollar that comes in from the community, church leadership must always stay on top of expenses. Technology can help you move away from tedious administrative tasks to dedicate more time to your mission.

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  • What Expenses Are Valid for a Church?

    10/02/2019 | Brink's Money

    There isn’t always clarity on whether or not an expense is valid and can be paid out of a ministry’s funds. Learn some of the most common expenses churches have, as well as some guidelines congregations can put into place to lend clarity on their expense policy.

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  • How to Streamline Your Church Expenses

    09/25/2019 | Brink's Money

    As a church leader, you’re entrusted to make sound spending decisions and create transparency. No matter how large or small your congregation is, you need tools to manage expenses effectively and with full confidence.

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  • Church Finances 101: How to get started

    08/27/2019 | Brink's Money

    Churches have to manage member contributions to remain open, pay employees, run religious school programs and plan charitable events. There’s no way around it: to maintain and grow your church you’ll need effective financial management skills.

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  • New feature: Pay your vendors, it’s quick and easy!

    08/20/2019 | Brink's Money

    The accounts payable job is particularly difficult and human mistakes can happen, but we believe it shouldn’t be this way anymore. We are excited to offer a new digital experience to securely process vendor payments at Brink’s Business Expense.

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  • The Real Cost of Manual Expense Reporting

    07/02/2019 | Brink's Money

    Many people believe that doing their own expense reporting manually can actually save them money, but they could be trading in valuable time to do more productive things.

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  • Tips for Effective Business Expense Management

    05/29/2019 | Brink’s Money

    Business owners know well that expense management is key to company success. But tracking, analyzing, and controlling purchases can be a challenge. Here are some things to consider when building an expense management program.

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  • Questions to Ask About Paycards

    05/15/2019 | Brinks Money

    Payroll cards are great for employers seeking to simplify their payroll systems. They can benefit employees, too, by offering a variety of features and benefits to the cardholders. As an employee, be sure to ask these questions about your paycard before opting in.

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  • Combating Expense Fraud

    05/01/2019 | Brink’s Money

    Most businesses owners will encounter some form of expense fraud in their lifetime. Learn about the most common forms of expense fraud and read our tips for effective fraud prevention here.

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  • Comparing Prepaid Business Debit Cards: What to Consider

    04/17/2019 | Brink’s Money

    Corporate debit cards are great for managing business expenses, but there are many options available and factors to consider. Explore the benefits and general considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right prepaid card for your business.

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